BHS Quarterly Journal Winter Issue Sidetracked by C-19

Due to health concerns created by the recent surge in the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19 ) and related production issues (non-availability of graphic design and printing services), we were unable to produce the winter 2020 issue of Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. We hope to be back in print with the spring 2021 (March) or summer 2021 (June) issue. We apologize for this interruption in magazine production and hope that, with the arrival and widespread distribution of effective COVID-19 vaccines, magazine production and everyday life will return to a more normal state during the New Year.

Don B. Cullimore, Editor

Greetings from BHS! Dues Reminder

We have sincerely valued your BHS membership in recent years. Like virtually all organizations, we’ve had to adapt this year to challenging times. As part of this effort, our board has decided to give those who may have failed to pay 2020 dues a “mulligan” for the coming year.

Soon you’ll receive a special “News & Views” newsletter being sent to all members which will outline various changes taking place, in addition to including a dues renewal form for 2021.

After receiving this new mailing please take a moment to send in your dues for the coming year so we may continue our ongoing efforts and initiatives, including our exceptionally fine quarterly journal.

Warmest Holiday Wishes!

Jim Steele, President

Future BHS Meetings on Hold Due to COVID-19

Members of the BHS Board have decided to not hold an annual meeting and banquet this fall because of the continuing health concerns raised by the coronavirus epidemic, COVID-19. Decisions about holding membership meetings and events (normally three a year) in 2021 will be made after periodic assessment of the threats posed by COVID-19 as the new year unrolls. We sincerely hope that, as the possibility of widely available effective vaccines increases, we will have an opportunity next year to resume membership gatherings at places of historical interest in the Boonslick. For further information, contact BHS President Jim Steele at:

Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly to Go Online Temporarily

The Boonslick Historical Society Board and editorial staff of Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly have made a decision to place the Quarterly online for the foreseeable future. This is being done in consideration of potential health problems related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic currently sweeping the United States.

Production of the magazine requires repeated exposure of the editorial staff and at least one board member for the following purposes: preparing mailing labels at a commercial print shop, digital printing of magazine at CMU, purchasing postage, hands-on labeling and application of postage on magazines, and, finally, delivering magazines to U.S. Post Office for mailing.

We consider it a prudent step to place the magazine online and reduce the potential for exposure to COVID-19 by persons associated with its production. When the pandemic has ceased to be a public health hazard, we will consider returning the magazine to a hard copy version. Until then, copies of future issues may be seen online. Use the “Quarterly Journal” tab to access all issues published since the year 2012. You can download any issue to your computer or print it out. —The Editor