BHS Fall Banquet Canceled due to Coronavirus Concerns

Within the few weeks between the day we penned the optimistic Editor’s Page column in the summer issue of the Quarterly announcing BHS plans to hold a fall banquet … and the first of September, the Delta variant of the coronavirus popped up and turned the world upside down again. Missouri has been experiencing high rates of new infections caused by the Delta variant. Southern Missouri and rural counties in other parts of the state, including the Boonslick, are among places you may fall victim to the coronavirus.

A canvass of board members revealed that all were reluctant to cancel the fall meeting and banquet, but that they were equally reluctant to expose members to an epidemic that not only could make them extremely ill but also could be life threatening. It was felt that the only responsible course of action was to cancel the fall gathering and hope that the threat of the coronavirus will sharply diminish in the near future and allow for members to gather at annual meetings.

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